About Our Company


The Prayosha Diamond is a family owned enterprise since 1987. Our diamond production unit and Jewelry shop is located in Gujrat, INDIA. We have representative in USA, CANADA, UK, CHINA, HONGKONG and DUBAI.

Complete Product: We are involved in the every aspect of the supply chain, including rough diamonds, polishing the rough diamond, designing the jewelry and finished product to ensure that our customers receive quality products

Affordable Prices: Our products are affordable and high quality as we avoid all mediation costs, no salesmen, limited advertising. We have cut the extra costs and have passed the savings along to our customer.

Rich Collections of Designs: We have huge collections of designs of various jewelry and various stones. We also have a large stock of all kinds of Diamonds, Our partner is involved in various stones which includes Gems, Rubies and Topaz.

Proven Track Record: We have been selling our jewelry worldwide. Apart from our own collection, we can also customize design as per your wish.  For any other diamonds or special requests, we can provide anything that come on your mind from the diamonds to the jewelry.

Quality Assurance: All of our products are certified by respected gemological institute such as IGI, DGLA to assure quality.

Refund Policy: We also have 14 days refund and exchange policy. If you changed your mind or if you are not satisfied with our service, you can get either full refund or exchange within 14 days.

At Prayosha Diamond, You can get High-end diamond jewelry, modern & classic design with our amazing diamonds and the outstanding prices! Buy with confidence, our reputation speaks for itself, all buyers are 100% satisfied so far.

About Our Company